GSK: Secrets of Office Efficiency

Gint-M has completed construction and fit-out of a new office for GSK — a science-led global healthcare company researching, developing and manufacturing innovative pharmaceutical medicines, vaccines and consumer healthcare products.

 The new 3,400-sqm GSK office is accommodated in BC Arcus-III, in Moscow. During four months the building contractor Gint-M has completed a full cycle of detailed design, construction, fit-out and MEP installation works in the client’s premises. The project architect is ABD Architects.

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Why developers often have to change contractors

"Just several years ago most customers could not even think of selecting a contractor offering the lowest contract value in the tender, but obviously incapable of doing quality work within the set deadlines. Normally, it is “sturdy average performers” with stainless reputation, bidding reasonable prices and decent quality guarantees, who were shortlisted, reaching the finals. Now it’s all different: sometimes it appears that the main goal of clients is knocking down the bid price at any cost instead of searching for best solutions, materials and workers." - Managing Partner of Gint-M Mikhail Borisov told Vedomosti newspaper, commenting on the specifics of domestic tenders.

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When best is the enemy of the good

The cost of materials for construction and repair works in Russia keeps rising. For all that, clients do not stop demanding repair and fit-out budget optimization without compromising the quality. At last this has become possible: during four post-crisis years a new generation of local producers has matured; materials they make are not inferior to imported analogues and sometimes even better.

This is what Artem Panteleev, Business Development Director at Gint-M, said in his interview for CRE magazine. 

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How to pick a general contractor

The choice of general contractor remains one of stressful emergencies for the customer.

Especially now as margins in fit-out business have flagged, building materials have become more expensive, and clients go on optimizing their repair budget. However, many risks can be minimized, if not avoided.

Commercial Director of Gint-M Artem Panteleev offers his general contractor selection recommendations that would allow cost optimization and project’s timely completion.



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Avito: Atmospheric Industrial

Gint-M has completed a full spectrum of construction, fit-out and MEP installation works in the new office premises of Avito.

The project architecture was developed by Office Project.

The project is managed by Cushman & Wakefield.

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The Office of High Standards

Building contractor “Gint-M” has completed the works on the office project for one international bank. The 10,000-sqm office space occupies five floors in BC “Aquamarine”.

This project calls for a special approach to the design of MEP systems which proved to be the most labor intensive and challenging mandate within the entire project. The complete redundancy of utility lines along with a diesel generator set will allow the office center to follow through with full-scale operations in case of interrupted power supply or total blackouts. 

Forestalling vs redoing

A serious misjudgment in the design of many offices is the lack of in-built capability to change the functional designation of working areas quickly enough. Suppose a company faces the imminent sublease of some premises. In this instance floor-to-ceiling enclosing structures need to be installed; also ventilation and air-conditioning systems are to be provided for new zones. There is an agile technology today: designing MEP systems with an in-build capacity to design office space using the principle of construction sets for kids.

In his interview for CRE magazine Business Development Director at Gint-M Artem Panteleev dwells on forestalling engineering mistakes at the stage of design.

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At the top level

Concentration of style and luxury within small space always requires special skills from architects, designers and builders. Here, as nowhere else, the devil in the details rule is at work. Meanwhile, truly exclusive interiors add value for their owners, attracting the much-desired target audience, identifying brand’s real values and sending a strong message to its adherents.

How are modern boutiques decorated? What do retailers want from exclusive interiors?

Business Development Director at Gint-M Artem Panteleev gives his answers in the editorial of CRE Retail magazine.


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How chill-out areas increase business efficiency

“Escape from offices” is going on in Russia: according to various estimations, by 2030 most employees will switch to flexible schedules or remote work.

There’s only one way to keep the rest “within office walls” or to attract new office workers: by fashioning such attractive relax zones which people will be reluctant to leave.

Business Development Director at Gint-M Artem Panteleev wrote his author’s column for Vedomosti newspaper, where he shares his vision of relevant office space nowadays. 



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