How Office Helps Knocking Together the Dream Team

Russian offices undergo another evolutionary loop: after “costly and posh” and “modest but in style”, the “inexpensive wow” calls the shots, staggering the imagination of employees rather than visitors.

Artem Panteleev, Business Development Director, Gint-M, in his article for Forbes, explained how an office can help knocking together the dream team.

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Reconception to Keyboard Patting

Sometimes a company feels an urgent need for office renovation in spite of the fact that a lease agreement does not expire any time soon. Reconception without relocation addresses this problem without discontinuation of work. It seems unbelievable, but under a competent approach and quality planning the office repair can be done as per the schedule, at minimum discomfort for employees. This was the key message of Artem Panteleev, Business Development Director Gint-M, in his article for Read more

Happy New Year 2018!

Dear colleagues, partners, friends!

On behalf of Gint-M, we’d like to wholeheartedly congratulate you on the New Year and Christmas! May 2018 be the year of financial prosperity, new opportunities and the achievement of most ambitious goals for you and your company.

We wish you were healthy, optimistic and well. We also wish you stability and good luck. May your loved ones always be near you!

Another award for Gint-M

The building contractor Gint-M has won the Panduit’s “Golden Jack 2017” award in the New Business of the Year nomination.

“The Golden Jack statuette for us is not only an appreciation of our effective partnership with Panduit, but also recognition of our professional competences,” comments Artem Panteleev, Business Development Director at Gint-M. “Hopefully the collaboration that commenced last year will be gathering momentum and we’ll be repeatedly acknowledged as the industry’s leader in the future.”

ARKHIDAR 4.0: wholeheartedly!

Building contractor Gint-M volunteered to be a partner of the fourth charity concert ARKHIDAR 4.0, held in Moscow on December 14. More than 200 real estate market representatives took part in the fundraising campaign to provide urgent help for children with severe heart problems.

The mission of ARKHIDAR is granting diseased children a chance to a long and happy life. The charity night idea born at a family dinner evolved into a self-contained project, with 11 child lives already saved.

This year ARKHIDAR participants have raised ample funds for the treatment of 17-year-old Alina Mironova diagnosed the abdominal aorta arthritis. The surgery would cost 2,584,000 rubles.

Thanks to the efforts of sponsors and organizers of the fourth ARKHIDAR, 4,600,000 rubles were raised via a charity auction. The surplus will be used to provide target assistance to other wards of Children’s Hearts Foundation.

New life of historical buildings

FIT-OUT in historical heritage buildings has “unique features”: the shortage of precise executive documents, a complicated procedure of raising approvals, unpredictability on the site and a lot more.

Business Development Director of Gint-M Artem Panteleev reveals ways to cope with all problems and to reach the result right on time and within the budget limits.

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White collars waste 86 minutes every day on side tones.

“One of the most common “acoustic” mistakes in the office fit-out is setup of partitions from the floor up to the suspended ceiling that hides utility lines. Sound waves easily penetrate the so-called ceiling void, spreading over the office. A partition must rise from the floor to the concrete ceiling. This is not so easy in a functional office where an additional room is needed for confidential talks, for example. You have to reconfigure utility lines (services), wasting time and money. It’s better to take care of meeting rooms long before the commencement of construction works,” says Artem Panteleev, Business Development Director, Gint-M, in his interview for Vedomosti, where he discusses the latest trends in the field of acoustic solutions.

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Raising “as-built” documentation is one of the key challenges confronting the construction industry

Any construction project is fraught with departures from the original intention, on-site remodeling and emergencies. It is also important to realize that a real estate project is designed and raised by a multitude of contractors. In our reality it is next to impossible to keep track of all alterations and, especially, to gather together all documents. It is this “specificity of national construction” that backfires on engineers creating office projects. Nevertheless, we’ve learned by experience that many engineering mistakes can be forestalled at the stage of design. Business Development Director of Gint-M Artem Panteleev tells the resource about the subtleties of the construction process. Read more

How about a chat?

Interestingly enough, up to 80% of all innovations in today’s offices provide for direct communication between people.

For all that, there is an obvious trend towards informal exchange as employees now are more in need of areas for spontaneous and fast meetings for brainstorming and discussing work-related specifics, than confidential meeting rooms.

 Business Development Director of Gint-M Artem Panteleev offers the readership a tour of informal meeting rooms in Moscow’s leading international offices. Read more

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