Business center "Krylatsky Hills"

Complex of works:

A full range of work on the working design, construction, finishing and engineering equipment of the Customer's office premises.

800 м2 m2
Type of work:
General contractor
Moscow, Krylatskaya str., 15, 1st floor, business center "Krylatsky Hills"
Start - 13.02.2023, End - 11.08.2023
Completed 100%

New office space in the Krylatsky Hills Business Center

The Gint-M team has completed the implementation of a new office space for coworking in the Krylatsky Hills business Center. The office is located on the 1st floor in the Krylatsky Hills business center, at the address: Moscow, Krylatskaya str., 15. and occupies 800 m2.

Krylatsky Hills Business Center is one of the most unique office projects in Moscow in terms of location, architectural design, quality of service and tenant occupancy.

The interior concept of the new office space translates stylistic solutions of the facade of the building, which are based on smooth geometric shapes, black color and regular repeating elements.

This is a conceptual office space, the efficiency and flexibility of which is achieved through simple and understandable design solutions.

The main idea of the design project is to create a comfortable working environment for each employee. In all office rooms, natural textures and shades are used as finishes and furniture.

From all sides of the open space there is a view of the park. The design continues and supports the general idea of nature. The office turned out to be bright, spacious, with an open plan, eco-friendly natural materials.

A successful combination of materials such as veneered panels, decorative plaster for concrete, decorative slats and mirror panels made it possible to create a comfortable place for work, recreation, meetings and various events.

Acoustic panels made of artificial felt are designed to add comfort to the office atmosphere, as well as isolate the premises from external noise.

Decorative artificial plants are designed to add bright accents to a monochrome office space.

An open layout has been chosen for the office – almost the entire floor is occupied by open space. Workplaces are located along the facade of the building, so there is a lot of natural light in the office. Also, the office has a large number of places for recreation, as well as collaboration zones.