Danone (Nutricia)

Complex of works:

Complete scope of scheme, detailed design, construction, fit-out and engineering works at office premises.

2000 m2
Type of work:
General designer, general contractor
26th km of M9 highway, Krasnogorsky District, Moscow Region, Russia BC “Riga Land”
Danone (Nutricia)
Start - 11.11.2013, End - 24.04.2014
Completed 100%

Nutricia is a specialized healthcare division of the food company Danone, focused exclusively on research-based scientifically-proven nutrition, developed to meet the needs of patients and individuals for whom a normal diet is not sufficient or possible.

Nutricia has an exceptionally broad pediatric care portfolio, with nutrition focused on helping parents to find answers - ensuring optimal growth for infants and younger children with physical or neurological challenges.

The new office of 
Nutricia is located in the BC Riga Land. It resides on 3 floors.

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