About Us

Gint-M’s quality control system is based on the professionalism of the company’s staff and strict adherence to the requirements set out in construction standards and guidelines.

The continuous improvement of the quality control system, a sense of personal responsibility for the quality of work and the creation of a demanding working culture allow us to guarantee a high-quality result. This, to us, is not a formality, but a primary principle belying all the work we do.

The quality management system consists of procedures used at every stage of project implementation: design, approvals, construction, logistics, the delivery-acceptance process, the guarantee period and the operation of the completed real estate asset.

All forms of reporting applied by our company are transparent, and allow the customer to monitor the quality of the work throughout the project lifetime.

Our company is certified under ISO 9001:2015, a universal international standard which guarantees a professional approach and high results.