Complex of works:

Complete scope of scheme, detailed design, construction, fit-out and engineering works at office premises.

2 250 m2
Type of work:
General designer, general contractor
37 Valovaya st. b.1-6, Moscow, Russia
Start - 09.10.2013, End - 25.12.2013
Completed 100%

Fresenius Medical Care is a German company specializing in the production of medical supplies, primarily to facilitate or aid renal dialysis. The company was formed in 1996 from the merger of Fresenius Worldwide Dialysis, then a division of Fresenius, and American company National Medical Care. This sector is very complex, and has many different divisions, each with a number of plants. 

Fresenius Medical Care operates more than 40 production sites on all continents. Fresenius Medical Care manufactures a variety of durable medical devices used in the treatment of End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD). Devices include Hemodialysis Machines, Peritoneal Dialysis Machines, Granuflo Concentrate Mixing Tanks and monitoring devices including the Crit-line device. The dialysis machines are manufactured in one of two plants to serve the globe. 

The new main office of Frezenius is located in the BC Wall Street, Valovaya 37. It resides on 3 floor.

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