Avito 2018

Complex of works:

Complete scope of construction, fit-out and engineering works at office premises

1 200 m2
Type of work:
General contractor
7 Lesnaya str., Moscow, Russia, BC «White Gardens», 5th floor
Start - 11.04.2018, End - 14.08.2018
Completed 100%

Experts recognize Avito’s approach to interior solutions as one of the boldest and most advanced on the market. Suffice it to mention hummocks, boats, swings and greenhouses in past projects delivered by the company. It’s noteworthy that not only cutting-edge hi-tech materials are used in the course of works; a number of unique solutions are also implemented.

The company’s new office accommodated on the fifth floor level of BC White Gardens in Moscow is no exception. Given that the “homelike office” concept is getting increasingly widespread in the office market, so that architects and contractors are asked to maximally focus on “atmospheric” space, the new office of Avito has everything for work and relax — e.g. a large coffee point zone with soft ottomans and a pendant lamp from 280 bulbs forming a sort of 3D light wave.


Given that Avito’s office interiors do not only require contemporary hi-tech materials, but also a number of unique solutions, a proper level of general contractor was of paramount importance to us.

By choosing the team of Gint-M once again we did not back the wrong horse and got predictably high quality within the deadline set for the project.

Reviewed fully

The project is designed in the industrial style with many concrete surfaces, timber and metal in the office. The ceilings with utility lines laid totally bare go well with the general style. The office is replete with marker boards whereon one can write. “Numerous offbeat solutions were used in the project realized for Avito V,” says Artem Panteleev, Business Development Director at Gint-M. “For instance, the client wanted to see a parquetry board on some walls, creative mobile office partitions, dividing teamwork zones and spaces for collaborative effort. The result is an extremely functional interior, so flexible and mobile that the company can adapt it to its current tasks at any moment. So-called sleep boxes were designed for the office – work and leisure capsules which Avito employees may occupy at any time of the day: three cells underneath and three on top with cozy noise-absorbing materials. Quite unusual is the octagonal tile in the dining zone that creates an eye-catching 3D effect.” 

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