Avito 2015

Complex of works:

Complete scope of construction, fit-out and engineering works at office premises.

1100 m2
Type of work:
General contractor
7 Lesnaya street, Moscow (White Gardens),Russia
Start - 20.10.2014, End - 03.02.2015
Completed 100%

Avito.ru, launched in Russia in 2007 is a current leader in our country’s online buy-and-sell market, in terms of market coverage. 

MCFO Awards

Avito expresses its gratitude for the results of the collaboration with construction company Gint-M. Along with this company, we worked on a project entailing the finishing and installation of utilities in our offices.

Reviewed fully

It was the owner company of the popular online trade service’s decision to rent another floor in the same building where, not long before, an Avito office had already been opened. The decision was taken against the backdrop of a company which had grown and whose staff had increased.
Avito.ru’s primary department deals with IT, and it was decided that additional workspace needed to be allocated. Both company offices are located in one of the buildings at Belye Sady Business Centre. Thanks to full glazing, different parts of the building offer breathtaking views of the city. In addition, the floor has a spacious terrace which makes it possible to significantly expand the office’s functions. In the near future, the office will be reorganized across the 13th floor, to reflect changes to Avito’s corporate image and part of the team will be moved to the 14th floor.

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