Complex of works:

Complete scope of detailed design and construction, fit-out and engineering works at office premises.

1900 m2 m2
Type of work:
General contractor
Moscow, Prichalny proezd, 2, floor 2, BC "Yakor"
Start - 27.05.2021, End - 10.12.2021
Completed 100%

The building contractor Gint-M has completed an office project for Winline betting company in Yakor (Anchor) business centre at 2 Prichalny Drive. The total office area comes to 1,800 sq m.

At the beginning of 2021, Winline decided to move to a new office. While all companies moved to a remote location and refused to rent premises, Winline decided that it was necessary to unite them in order to become even more effective in a new rapidly changing environment. Leadership requires the transformation of business processes, new sources of solutions and creativity. This is how the Winline office appeared.

The Gint-M team as a general contractor performed a full range of general construction, fit-out and engineering works, along with full-scale design.

In the new office, Winline wanted to create an ergonomic, comfortable and technologically advanced space where it could not only comfortably accommodate all employees, but also improve cross-functional interaction between its departments.

The new office has several functional spaces, the most flexible of which is perhaps the central office zone, connected to the reception area. Here, visitors are greeted by a stylish bar where, while waiting for a meeting, they can drink author's coffee or tea, and a wall panel with an open website of the company and its mobile app. Entering the office, you immediately understand that you are in a betting company, modern, technological and claiming unconditional leadership. There are also comfortable waiting areas as well as several transformable meeting rooms that can be turned into one large space, thanks to modular partitions, or into “islands” for smaller meetings and informal communications. The work area is predominantly designed as open space.

The office flaunts many extraordinary interior solutions. Thus, there is a modular ceiling installed in the reception area with lamps embedded in metal ceiling cells. It’s noteworthy that the user can change the position of lamps in the cells independently, with magnets used to attach lamps to the ceiling. In several office areas, such as the marketing area, the ceiling utility lines are laid bare, but to preclude acoustic discomfort, special solutions were used here, namely lighting fixtures with acoustic battens.


The team implemented this project on a high professional level, despite a number of objective constraints such as the challenging distribution of some materials and equipment from Europe due to Covid-related restrictions, a number of changes in the project at the customer’s initiative, which led to partial redesign of the office space. Despite all those stumbling blocks, the project was delivered ahead of the agreed deadline and with uncompromised quality.

Reviewed fully

The ceilings in the offices of executives are made of plasterboard. But they don’t adjoin the walls around the perimeter of the rooms, seemingly hanging in the air. Not to cram the ceiling space, there are no extract grilles there, but an air duct behind the ceiling ensures air change through the slots along the perimeter.

The office lighting deserves a special mention. The lighting is multi-tiered and multifunctional, providing effective working lights, on the one hand, and a trendy office design, on the other hand. Light ‘strings’ mounted around the perimeter of the corridor and some other office areas set off the spatial geometry, also serving as an element of navigation to a certain extent.

Plenty of metal, glass and veneer surfaces are visually ‘softened’ by carpeting, furniture textiles and window curtains. Thanks to the varied textures, the office looks comfortable, having the wraparound effect. The colours of the corporate brand book – orange, grey and white – are organically integrated into the space.

The Winline office is the most convenient place to work, where everything you need is within easy reach. Own barista, delicious food in the refrigerators and a variety of snacks on the kitchen counter, balconies around the entire perimeter of the floor - these details make the office cozy, functional and effective.

Working spaces vary depending on the activities of the department. An effective layout of working zones contributes to the productive work of different teams in parallel. The most modern technologies are used in meeting rooms and cabinets. Employees have already appreciated the collaboration zone with a marker wall and the ability to use microphones for speaking and presenting projects. A monitoring wall with all key business indicators online sets the right working mood for leadership, engagement and accountability for results.

“The Winline project boasts most up-to-date fit-out and interior solutions, with high quality engineering equipment installed. Special solutions to reduce office noise have been implemented in the working areas: carpeting, acoustic panels, and sound-absorbing furnishings. All of this helps focusing on the work process, reducing stress levels,” says Artem Panteleev, CCO Gint-M, about the project.