The Boston Consulting Group

Complex of works:

Complete scope of detailed design and construction, fit-out and engineering works at office premises.

3900 m2
Type of work:
General contractor
6 Gasheka str., Moscow, Russia BC “DUKAT III”
Start - 26.06.2017, End - 28.11.2017
Completed 100%

Interior as alter ego

Gint-M completed an office project for the international company. As a general contractor, Gint-M completed an entire range of detailed design, construction and fit-out works as well as installation of services in the client’s premises. 

The company needed this new office project to increase the headcount and expand workspace as well as to showcase an advanced approach to its business development for clients and partners. The project comprised two phases. First it was necessary to create the company’s front office from scratch, after dismantling the previous tenant’s interiors. The second phase was about renovation of interior solutions in the company’s back office quartered several floors lower. Total area of the project neared 4,000 sq. m. Both phases were delivered within 6 months.

The key challenge for the front office project was creating a comfortable working environment. Minimalistic interior solutions and office functionality remarkably blend here with trendy decorative elements and luxury interior design in some rooms. Open space design prevails in the working areas for employees. Integrated into the interior are 10 personal walled offices for the company’s partners as well as 9 meeting zones of various sizes and purposes. If needed, a large meeting room can transform into several smaller ones by means of a transformable glass partition. Glass panels are used to separate meeting spaces from the corridor. Installed in some of the offices is Smart-Glass enabling to change shading from a control panel. The office is equipped with a full-fledged kitchen, lounge area, gym (with exercise machines, running tracks and shower cabins), two sleeping rooms and wellness space.  

“A special feature of the front office is a large number of various textures and materials therein. A strip and board ceiling in several offices, stained glass surfaces, Corian items, carpet tiles, bespoke veneer furniture – altogether this creates a functional and trendy interior at the same time, which could well be touted as representative,” says Commercial Director at Gint-M Artem Panteleev, commenting on the project. “As for the back office, it required just a moderate renovation: carpet tiles were replaced in the interior, the walls were painted, and new engineering services were installed.”