Schneider Electric

Complex of works:

Complete scope of construction, fit-out and engineering works at office premises.

8000 m2
Type of work:
General contractor
42/13, Volgogradsky prospect, Moscow, Russia “Technopolis Moscow”
Start - 29.06.2015, End - 30.12.2015
Completed 100%

Gint-M has completed a mixed-use project for Schneider Electric, a global leader in energy consumption and automation management. The nearly 8,000-sqm property is located in the Special Economic Zone “Technopolis Moscow” at 42, Volgogradsky pr., Moscow. Gint-M has performed a full range of construction and assembly works as general contractor.

The project location in a former industrial facility required special competences from builders: using sandwich panels and metal frame, they fashioned standalone premises that suited the customer’s needs in terms of size, outlines and functionality, installing all essential services there: a heating system with an automatic control unit, self-contained ventilation and air-conditioning, smoke removal and space air pressurization (boosting) systems.


Schneider Electric hereby confirms that the building contractor Gint-M (United Builders), acting as general contractor, has completed a range of construction, assembly, fit-out and pre-commissioning works on a mixed-use center with total area nearing 8,000 sq. m, located on the site of Technopolis Moscow at 42, Volgogradsky pr., Moscow, having delivered the entire project within five months.

Reviewed fully

The mixed-use center of Schneider Electric comprises two different facilities, the first one being a logistics center (3,600 sq. m) where Schneider Electric’s equipment and parts are stored and whence products are shipped and delivered to clients serviced. The second one is an integration center housing a maintenance and overhaul shop in addition to office space of the service unit and client support center. This is where equipment repair is performed, apart from clients and personnel training in specially equipped training spaces and classrooms with zoning, key demo equipment of Schneider Electric being on display, including the locally manufactured equipment.

It is noteworthy that the height of the ceilings in the former production facility reached 10 meters. Subject to customer approval, it was decided that the ceilings in the office section should be at the level of 4 meters, whereas in the logistics center, equipment maintenance and demo zones as well as in classrooms – 6 meters.  

The office space was designed as open space featuring several meeting rooms. The large meeting zone is equipped with a transformable partition capable of splitting the space into two detached meeting rooms. Several walled offices are also provided. There is a spacious chill-out area for employees, while undulating wooden panels are used in the open space zone to delineate informal communication space featuring upholstered furniture, salient cushions and a fish tank.

“The office of Schneider Electric is an excellent illustration of the ‘reasonable sufficiency’ principle: quality workspace delivered without exorbitant costs,” says Business Development Director of Gint-M Artem Panteleev, commenting on the project. “Everything needed for fruitful work is available: well-equipped workplaces, all requisite functional zones, relaxation and informal communication spaces. Furthermore, by combining a logistics center, maintenance shop, assembling, classrooms and administration space within a single facility the customer has markedly enhanced the efficiency of business processes and streamlined intra-corporate communication.”