S7 Airlines 2019

Complex of works:

Complete scope of detailed design and construction, fit-out and engineering works at office premises.

11000 m2
Type of work:
General contractor
Russia, Novossibirsk, 23, Kirova str.,floors 1-15
Start - 26.10.2018, End - 23.04.2019
Completed 100%

High Flyer: the Looks of S7 Airlines Headquarters

S7 Airlines is Russia’s biggest private airlines, its route network covering 181 cities in 26 countries. S7 Airlines is one of the TOP-3 airlines in Eastern Europe, according to the reputable international Skytrax rankings.

The building contractor Gint-M was trusted with office interior design in the new headquarters of S7 Group in a modern business center located in the heart of Novosibirsk. As general contractor, Gint-M performed the entire range of general construction works (save for HVAC), prepared all blueprints as well as executive documentation for the project. The architectural concept was developed by UmArchitects.

S7 SmartOffice is the new office format name implying that the workspace has been thought-out down to minutest detail: from the eye impact reducing lighting system and health-friendly comfortable materials to circumspect working areas and informal socializing spaces.

The Company seeks compliance with modern-day requirements, using state of the art technologies to meet this end. For instance, in addition to traditional passes, mobile phones are used to access the corporate territory – after a special app is downloaded, it would suffice to touch the entrance sensor with your phone for the system to open the doors. Not only does it enhance the level of security; it also allows access for colleagues from other cities.

The proverbial wisdom of judging a book by its cover also applies to the company’s image, since visual information – office interior and navigation – leaves the most lasting impression upon the client or business partner. The general setting or ambience influences everything that may happen inside, so stylistic solutions do not just echo the corporate colours; they are also in harmony with the Company’s general image.

S7 Airlines выражает благодарность строительной компании «Гинт-М» за реализацию штаб- квартиры компании, расположенной в Новосибирске по адресу ул. Кирова, 23. В роли генподрядчика «Гинт-М» выполнила весь комплекс общестроительных работ (за исключением работ по ОВИК) подготовила всю рабочую и исполнительную документацию по проекту. 
Reviewed fully

“Our challenge was creating the effect of one large company in Moscow and Novosibirsk. Many features of the décor echo those of Moscow offices on Petrovka. In Novosibirsk the design harnesses most advanced technologies, more up-to-date materials as well as the working experience of the Geneva House in Moscow,” says Anna Gorokhova, Director for Procurement and Partner Relations at S7 Group.

Various noise-reducing solutions were deliberated at the design stage and later applied: carpeting with a split-level stitch, acoustic ceilings, as well as cloth panels to divide workplaces. The whole of it helps focusing on the business process, reducing the level of stress.

Installed in the building is the trendy air-conditioning system Climotion providing for uniform and smooth distribution of fresh air over the entire premises, with special sensors maintaining the air quality and preset temperature regime.

“Comfortable working conditions are also achieved due to effective lighting solutions – a quality combination of artificial and natural light, while gorgeous panoramic window views create a benign atmosphere in the office, says Business Development Director of Gint-M Artem Panteleev, commenting on the project.

The 11,000-sqm headquarters of S7 Airlines took about 6 months to deliver. Number one challenge of this project, according to Gint-M spokespersons, was its remote location relative to the capital city: more than 100 employees of Gint-M had to relocate to Novosibirsk for half a year, to make the delivery of such a large-scale office project possible. Yet the game was certainly worth the candles: as per the client’s feedback, the company’s new office comfortably accommodates all employees who earlier worked in different parts of the city. This positively affected the corporate communications, to be sure, and markedly enhanced the efficiency of all business processes.