Complex of works:

Complete scope of detailed design and construction, fit-out and engineering works at office premises.

2 050 m2
Type of work:
General contractor
12/14 Khersonskaya str., Saint-Petersburg, Russia BC “Renaissance Pravda”
Start - 23.10.2017, End - 26.02.2018
Completed 100%

Gint-M is through with building an office for the international IT company OpenText creating paperwork optimization applications for the corporate market. The office of OpenText is accommodated in BC Renaissance Pravda, St. Petersburg. The relocation of OpenText to a new office was caused by the consolidation of several business units and the need to ensure their effective engagement within one corporate space. Furthermore, the rebranding that was going on in the company’s head office must have found its reflection in the project.

OFFCON that developed the project’s architectural concept realized its vision of the office as an urban environment with its “streets” and “squares” in place of traditional hallways and walled offices. Like the company’s corporate spaces in other countries, this office is modular, which means maximum agility and flexibility in using the premises.


OpenText would like to express appreciation of the effort made by Gint-M in the delivery of our company’s corporate office accommodated in BC Renaissance Pravda, St. Petersburg. Gint-M has completed the full range of construction, fit-out and MEP installation works in the client’s premises on the area of 2,000 sq. m.  

Reviewed fully

The office features diverse functional zones: open space, meeting rooms, teamwork rooms, videoconferencing and presentation venues, a library and an open coffee point. Despite their openness and accessibility, functional zones are visually separated by means of wooden beams, partitions, etc. To enhance the comfort of white collars, versatile acoustic solutions are used like wall panels, sound absorbing furniture, suspended acoustic systems.

“We came up with an exciting and extraordinary project. On the one hand, it reflects the company’s global brand book using the key principles, such as agility, modularity, universality. On the other hand, you come across many unexpected solutions here, their implementation presenting a rather awesome challenge to our team. Thus there is a “babushka room” located near the transit shaft which turned from an “encumbrance” into a trendy chill-out area with a glazed tile stove,” says Business Development Director of Gint-M Artem Panteleev, commenting on the project.