Complex of works:

Complete scope of working design, construction, fit-out and engineering works at office premises.

2750 m2
Type of work:
General contractor
15-18 Leningrad Avenue, Moscow, Russia
Start - 06.05.2016, End - 13.07.2016
Completed 100%

Gint-M has completed the construction and fit-out of a new office for the IT firm Odin, quartered in a landmark Moscow property: the business and leisure center Bolshevik.

The 3,135-sqm office of Odin is aligned with the general concept of the business center which is a redevelopment of the former confectionery Bolshevik, engineered by O1 Properties. In the course of renovation all main historical features were preserved. In addition to Class A offices, this territory is also home to the Museum of Russian Impressionism, cafes, restaurants and shops.


The project team has completely met our expectations with fulfillment of all contractual obligations in time and within our budget.

It was very important to us the professional management process of the project and that fact that supervisory team was always on the site.

It was a great pleasure for us to cooperate with Gint-M Team and we are definitely looking  forward to work with Gint-M in the future.  

Reviewed fully

The new Odin office represents a modern “loft” space that perfectly suits creative employees and programmers. The juxtaposition of the historic spirit and contemporary office solutions is the main distinguishing feature of this project. Gint-M provided a full range of services, including the development of detailed design, blueprints, construction, assembly, fit-out and engineering works.

An up-to-date booking and communication system is in place for meeting rooms and conference halls. The workspace and public areas as well as places for informal talks are optimally and effectively used.

The project was delivered on a tight schedule. It took Gint-M only two months to design engineering systems and to complete all construction, assembly and fit-out works.

“In our opinion, this office will give a new impulse to the hi-tech company Odin,” says Sergey Pshenichnikov, Development Director O1 Properties. “Within this project we managed to do the works and to design engineering systems in parallel. In addition, we could satisfy all the whims of the tenant, which were not taken into account at the stage of conceptual development and technical assignment preparation. Gint-M showed its worth as a highly professional contractor in the Moscow fit-out market.”

Artem B. Panteleev, Commercial Director Gint-M says : “We were confronted with the challenge to deliver an exciting and large-scale project in a very short time, with nearly all materials made to order and delivered during a long time: lighting equipment, flooring, plumbing fixtures, etc. We formed a strong and professional on-site management team for implementing our original ideas. To address all the tasks set, we coordinated the activities of all divisions within our company on a daily basis.

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