Complex of works:

Complete scope of detailed design and construction, fit-out and engineering works at office premises.

1400 m2
Type of work:
General contractor
Russia, Moscow, 40, Bolschaya Ordynka, bld. 3
Start - 29.04.2019, End - 18.08.2019
Completed 100%

NMLK: Space for Each and All

Gint-M has completed an office project for the international metallurgical company NLMK. The Company’s Moscow office is accommodated in Legion BC at 40 bld. 3 Bolshaya Ordynka str. Not so long ago NLMK expanded its premises in that business centre, having rented the second floor (1,400 sq. m). It’s this particular area that the Company decided to transform into multipurpose space for collaborations, business meetings and informal communication. Gint-M carried out a full range of general construction works.

There are two dominant interior features in the new office: a recreational zone for informal meetings and interactions as well as innovative space for addressing business tasks and holding conferences.

Best Office Awards 2020
Lighting Design nomination

NLMK Group collaborated with the building contractor Gint-M to deliver a multifunctional office space project. The 1,400-sqm office is accommodated in Legion business center at 40 bld. 3 Bolshaya Ordynka str., Moscow. It took the team of Gint-M four months to complete a full range of construction and assembly works in the capacity of general contractor.

Reviewed fully

The recreational zone’s main purpose is creating a flexible working environment for employees and cross-functional teams, inspiring them to make new creative decisions and successful business models. This space is centered on a mobile podium and projector — it’s comfortable to hold presentations and creative sessions here. The atmosphere of creativity and free thinking is complemented by randomly arranged ottomans of various colors and sizes. Also placed here are round sofas with tall backrests and small tables which are perfectly suited for team meetings and discussions as well as capsule-like armchairs for solitary and focused work.

The innovative zone includes 7 meeting rooms for 10 persons each, but they can be transformed into an ultramodern conference hall seating up to 250 people who can get connected to other events of the Company in Russia and abroad. The project anticipates high-precision mikes mounted into the ceiling and needed for concerted work of simultaneous interpreters who sit in a separate room furnished for them.

Any of the seven meeting rooms can potentially be transformed into workspace for teamwork or into a multimedia meeting room for joint brainstorming with video conferencing capabilities. The agile partitions are upholstered with a soft covering for better soundproofing and marker boards where one can write, draw charts, and do other things.

In addition to recreational and innovative zones, there are also several walled offices for top managers as well as open space for the Company’s IT team. Apart from these, there is also a trendy reception area with a comfortable waiting lounge. Here you’ll see locker cells for the staff where they can leave personal belongings. A small meeting area with elegant tables and armchairs for short business appointments is adjacent to the reception area. The new office also features a coffee point for the Company’s personnel.

“It took us only four months and a half to create a mixed-use office for work, socialization and recreation of NLMK personnel in Moscow. Agile layouts, mobile workstations, flexibility in using the space enable to adjust the office for meeting specific challenges in a very direct sense: here it is equally comfortable to work for teams and individuals, to hold large-scale conferences or plunge in design and discussions with colleagues, or focus on studying important documents in quietude and solitude. We’ve implemented up-to-date IT solutions in this office, integrating energy saving technologies and top-quality engineering equipment,” says Business Development Director of Gint-M Artem Panteleev, commenting on the project.