Millhouse office in the Business Center “White Gardens”

Complex of works:
Complete scope of construction, fit-out and engineering works at office premises.
380 m2
Type of work:
General contractor
Moscow, 9, Lesnaya str., BC “White Gardens”, 12 floor.
Start - 01.01.2019, End - 12.12.2019
Completed 100%

Gint-M's task was to create an interior to match a private investment company - laconic and discreet,but conveying stability and inspiring confidence. Part of the company's activities is dedicated to the support of culture and art, which influenced the approach to the solution of space - thoughtful design is
based on attention to detail and precision of execution. The office was created from scratch in a new
building, where the company moved after the reorganization. Taking into account the specifics of the company's activities, it was important to create a comfortable and intimate environment for the clients. The building of the business center, where the office is located, is open to the street thanks to panoramic windows. A private area of offices is located along the perimeter of the glazing, and the inner space of the office is occupied by meeting rooms, which can be combined if necessary. The interior solution refers to the architecture of modernism, in which the space acquires a unique character, thanks to precisely adjusted geometry and natural textures. In order to emphasize the originality of the office, custom-made items were added - a reception desk and pots with tropical plants. They not only functionally zone the space, but are also perceived as sculptural elements. Thanks to glazing in the interior, there is a plot of falling from one space to another, the interaction of the street and the interior, which is supported by the reflective surfaces of partitions and elements of office furniture.

Despite the moderate design, the office was supposed to be comfortable for employees and hospitable for clients. This is how the main zoning technique was developed - the use of autonomous objects, functional and at the same time accent (for example, a chrome screen and a sculptural pots with exotic plants made of marble and walnut root in the waiting area). It was necessary to emphasize the status of the company without undue pomp. In addition, one of the customer's wishes for the interior was the rejection of trends and the creation of a space without stylistic preferences. As a result, the office turned out to be emphatically moderate, but attractive by a combination of various textures and materials. Various types of marble (white Carrara and gray with veins), polished aluminum and natural wood were used in the decoration. The floor is covered with soft deep copper carpet, whose mission is to balance the cold of glossy and glass surfaces. It gives a feeling of coziness, which is unusual for offices, and occupies the entire space, combining both private and common areas. Among the non-standard materials, the aforementioned long pile carpet can be noted. In the areas of the kitchen and bathrooms, a terrazzo coating was used, which was created specifically for this project - in copper-pink tones. A comfortable microclimate has been created in the room - the optimum temperature and humidity level are always maintained. Environmentally friendly materials were actively used.