Complex of works:

Complete scope of scheme and detailed design, construction, fit-out and engineering works at office premises.

630 m2
Type of work:
General designer, general contractor
3 Begovaya str., bld. 1, Moscow, Russia BC “Nordstar Tower”
Start - 17.07.2012, End - 22.10.2012
Completed 100%

"Metrium Group" - a modern company offering consulting and real estate services in residential and commercial segments of the Moscow and the Moscow region.

The office space for the company - is primarily a work tool: daily offices have guests, partners and clients. Therefore, the atmosphere should be comfortable and strong at the same time, and setting the guests and employees properly positioned for productive communication.


Metrium’s management and staff were pleased with the results of our collaboration, as regards both the company’s architectural office and the team that worked on the construction and the installation of utilities at the office.

Reviewed fully

The basis of the architectural concept of the theme is the city. Architects develop it using a variety of techniques including using of textures and materials that evoke associations with the modern urban landscape.

Planning decisions are dictated by the structure and objectives of the company business, and take into account, especially form the floor and "viewpoints".

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