Complex of works:
Complete scope of detailed design and construction, fit-out and engineering works at office premises.
4500 m2
Type of work:
General contractor
Russia, Moscow,10 Butyrsky Val, 5 and 6 floors, BC White Square
Start - 06.05.2019, End - 25.08.2019
Completed 100%
The team of Gint-M has completed the delivery of an coworking project for WeWork in Moscow. Office with a total area of 4,500 sq. m is located in the business center "White Square". For the international company WeWork, this is already the third and largest office in Moscow at the moment. WeWork is a global network of flexible office spaces that offers modern offices in a variety of configurations for businesses of all sizes. WeWork has the same design and service quality standards around the world: equipped workspaces, high-quality office and kitchen equipment, meeting and telephone rooms, Wi-Fi, refreshing drinks in the bar and stations with coffee from the barista, cleaning,
events, recreation areas.
WeWork offices are recognizable at first sight: glass walls, wood finishes, bright and minimalist furniture. A third of Fortune 500 companies rent premises from WeWork. Clients include Microsoft, Slack, KPMG, Citi, Facebook, Starbucks, Peloton, Goldman Sachs, Lyft and Puma. The investments attracted by WeWork over the entire period of the project's existence are estimated at billions of dollars. The company "Gint-M" in the role of the general contractor was engaged in the entire range of general construction and engineering works, and also performed detailed design.
The new WeWork coworking space is located on the fifth and sixth floors of the building. The coworking space is designed for 1,024 workplaces and is functionally filled in accordance with the standards of the WeWork network. Each floor has a lounge area with coffee and snacks, meeting rooms, as well as office-type workspaces and large open spaces. Bright, free space for collaboration is the hallmark of the WeWork brand. In addition to spaces where
residents can gather and socialize, it is important to create a variety of privacy work areas. For example, small cabins for conference calls and face-to-face phone calls are also a recognizable design and functional attribute of coworking spaces.
Depending on the scale of the leased office, the resident company can either use shared meeting rooms or their own. Public spaces also include telephone booths, printer areas and event space. In addition, the company provides spacious premises equipped with everything necessary for carrying out work activities and suitable conditions. Each guest and resident will be able to choose their ideal tariff and use what they really need.
From the common spaces, equipped for lounges, open meeting rooms and flexible workplaces, an excellent view of old Moscow and the Moscow City complex opens up. The main challenges faced by Gint-M were extremely tight turnaround times and high demands applied to WeWork offices around the world. In a short time, Gint-M completed the expansion of evacuation openings to staircases in the load-bearing structures of the building. This is due to the fact that initially the premises were not designed for such a large number of people, and according to the updated calculation of fire risks, it was necessary to expand the openings.
Also, due to the high saturation of individual offices and permanent workplaces, it was necessary to increase the number of air conditioning equipment. For the same reason, the BMS racks of the building's Fire Safety were retrofitted, due to the lack of addresses for such a number of premises.
Particular attention in the project was paid to high-quality sound insulation and competent planning, which includes meeting rooms and areas for joint and individual work, offices and areas for events. To create a single, bright and open space, in accordance with the international WeWork concept, all partitions were made of glass. A well thought-out layout, stylish design and high quality interiors are the hallmarks of the new coworking space.