Complex of works:

Complete scope of detailed design and construction, fit-out and engineering works at office premises.

860 m2
Type of work:
General contractor
10 Butyrsky Val str., bld. A, 3th floor, Moscow, Russia BC “White Square”
Start - 27.08.2018, End - 03.12.2018
Completed 100%

The international company DLL provides lease financing services in nine industries, offering complex business development solutions to its clients. Late in 2018 the Moscow office of this company moved to one of the landmark buildings – White Square BC at 10, Butyrskaya str. The building contractor Gint-M was awarded the office interior design mandate, with Natalya Filatova developing the architectural concept.

The design&build concept of the 850-sqm office means that one counterparty is put in charge of all design, construction and MEP systems installation works. This “one window” approach with a sole contractor (the team of Gint-M) proved winsome, since the entire interior design took three months.

The first thing that strikes the eye of a visitor to DLL is a trendy reception zone where a 3D wall with the corporate logo is illumined by means of creative lighting solutions. Several meeting rooms are in the immediate proximity: many companies are known to need extra communication space nowadays and DLL is no exception. Workspaces are designed in the open space style. Thanks to a large number of glass surfaces and light hues in the interior, the office is visually spacious and weightless. There are also some non-trivial premises in addition to working and meeting areas, such as archival space for document storage (floor slabs under this area had to be reinforced) or a recreational zone where employees can divert a bit by watching TV or playing table soccer. There is also a trendy kitchen with an eco wall with lighting and automatic watering systems integrated into it, as well as a coffee point where you may discuss things with your colleague or answer a phone call.


Международная компания DLL выражает благодарность «Гинт-М» за реализацию проекта корпоративного офиса, расположенного в БЦ «Белая площадь» на ул. Бутырской, 10.

Общая площадь проекта - 850 кв.м. Офис реализован в концепции design & build. Команда «Гинт-М» выполнила все работы по проектированию, строительству, отделке и инженерному оснащению помещений заказчика.

Reviewed fully

Glass partitions play a key role in spatial zoning, although lighting solutions and ceiling panels also split the office into functional zones.

As a matter of fact, Ecophon ceiling panels play a special role in the project, with soundproofing and acoustic absorption being among the top priorities there.    

“Design&build is a rather agile concept allowing real-time project monitoring and management,” says Business Development Director at Gint-M Artem Panteleev, commenting on the project. “Extra challenges that emerged in the process of construction required the client’s approvals before they could be addressed. Yet the ‘one window’ approach expedited decision-making and we kept within the set deadline: 3 months.”