Complex of works:

Complete scope of detailed design and construction, fit-out and engineering works at office premises.

2800 m2
Type of work:
General contractor
52/7 Kosmodimianskaya Embankment, Moscow, Russia, BC “Riverside Towers”
Start - 12.03.2018, End - 17.07.2018
Completed 100%

Gint-M recently delivered the Digital Leadership Center SAP project, with the total area of 3,000 sq. m. The Center is quartered in Moscow Krasnye Kholmy office cluster and meant for various events, meetings with the company’s partners and clients as well as a display of new equipment and technological solutions. In the capacity of General Contractor, the team of Gint-M completed a full range of works on detailed design, construction, fit-out and installation of services in the client’s premises, the project architect being UNK Project.

The project authors were faced with the challenge to create a multipurpose, agile and technologically perfect space for holding various events: from round tables and conferences to business meetings and exhibitions. The key implication was that different zones of the Center should be independent of each other and function in parallel.

The architects and General Contractor eventually succeeded in delivering an interior with a multitude of transformer spaces: they can be split into several autonomous zones or blend into one space, depending on the current needs faced by the company. There is a public space for open events as well as a closed corporate part for the focused effort of employees, in-house meetings and communication. The space also features the so-called “design thinking zone” designated for teamwork of the staff and clients on introducing innovations to business processes. There is also a relax area in the hub where employees can distract a bit at a cup of tea or coffee.

Best Office Awards 2019
"Business space in a public interior"

SAP CIS thanks the building contractor Gint-M for delivering one of the world's biggest innovation and exhibition hubs with the floor area nearing 3,000 sq. m, quartered in Moscow Krasnye Kholmy business center. In the capacity of general contractor, the team of Gint-M carried out a full range of works on detailed design, construction, fit-out and installation of services in SAP premises.

Reviewed fully

A large showroom as well as a testing zone for new projects, relying on various corporate equipment (3D printers, quadcopters and suchlike), was also designed not far from the main conference room.

The interior style and outfit conform to the company’s profile with high technologies showcased. The showroom interior is terse, products and equipment being its centerpiece. LED displays catch the eyes in the conference space, whereas additional LED panels enable 360-degree information perception. Hidden between the LED displays behind metal panels are special acoustic solutions, ensuring excellent sound. The futuristic design of ceiling lamps in the entire space is quite remarkable. “Various modern multimedia gadgets on display in the Center, apart from LED monitors, include sound systems, video cameras, entire space management systems,” says Artem Panteleev, Business Development Director at Gint-M, commenting on the project.

“To create comfortable and functional space, huge work has been done to analyze the current situation and client’s requests. Stemming from these requirements, the project’s exterior image was shaped,” says Elena Shchelchkova, Administrating and Maintenance Director at SAP, Russia and CIS. It was incredibly exciting to think through sophisticated technological solutions and details and then see their embodiment in real life. The result is the modern and comfortable Digital Leadership Center.”