Complex of works:

Complete scope of engineering systems detailed design, construction, fit-out and engineering works at office premises.

1 100 m2
Type of work:
General contractor
2 Tsvetnoy blv., bld. 1, Moscow, Russia BC “Tsvetnoy Legend”
Start - 28.04.2012, End - 30.07.2012
Completed 100%

The interior of the office of Badoo is defiant and novel but deficient of ant brutality, it is stylish and comfortable. The office space is notable for contemporary and highly technological performance. 


Badoo Development благодарит Группу Компаний Гинт-М за качественно выполненную работу на проекте по отделке и инженерному оснащению нового офиса нашей компании в Москве.

Reviewed fully

Conference rooms are especially noteworthy. The authors of the conception, architects Za Bor comment their idea in this way: “The conference rooms should originally be just numbered, but as long as Badoo is a social network, it was suggested to name them as the places where normally people get acquainted. This idea got development in the design and finish concepts of these areas. There is a “Bar” over there - one of the walls in this meeting room is a snazzy bar with a backlighting. Meeting room “Night Club” is decorated by 40 billposters. There is also a room “Cinema” whose name comments itself. And there is their own “Park” where the flooring material imitates natural grass which smoothly runs into the greenery on the “photographic” wall paper that were specially pictured for this project. And there is arguably the most exotic place for people to get acquainted is the “Library” where there is no one book self or book case, while the books are hanging on the wall as if they ignore the gravity. Any book may be taken to read and then leave it hanging having simply put it to the wall.

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