Avito Moscow

Complex of works:
Complete scope of detailed design and construction, fit-out and engineering works at office premises.
1800 m2
Type of work:
General contractor
Moscow, st. Lesnaya, 7, BC "White Gardens", 2th floor
Start - 21.05.2020, End - 12.10.2020
Completed 100%
The Gint-M team has completed the delivery of the next office project for AVITO. The ca. 1,800-sqm office is accommodated in White Gardens BC at 7 Lesnaya str., Moscow. In the role of general contractor Gint-M took charge of the entire range of building, engineering and fit-out works including electricity and feeble currents. On top of it the Company also carried out detailed design. The office is made on the order of Scandinavian design – plenty of daylight, a large number of timber surfaces, natural materials and typically Scandinavian functionality. The office is designed as different modules with all essential life-support systems. This modular approach allows open space almost in any place, fast installation of an office or meeting room, if need, be or revisiting MEP systems.
Best Office Awards 2021
"Comfort and Ergonomics"
AVITO would like to thank general contractor Gint-M for delivering the next office project for our company. The 1,800-sqm office is accommodated in White Gardens BC located at 7 Lesnaya str., Moscow. Gint-M was in charge of the entire range of building, engineering and fit-out works including electricity and feeble currents. Furthermore, Gint-M carried out detailed design.
Reviewed fully
This is an open-space office featuring various functional areas: meeting rooms, relax zone, kitchen, coffee point, server room and cloakroom zone. Workstations are strung out along the perimeter, with suspended acoustic panels used to create a comfortable sound environment. The carpeting also muffles all noises, disabling them from “roaming” over the office space. The working areas are separated from the hallway by sliding doors resembling a wall-mounted ladder, which can be adorned with flowers or other décor elements. The meeting areas (their size, configuration and outfit) are fully adapted to the Company’s business processes, but all of them without exception boast quality acoustic solutions. The larger meeting rooms are equipped with a suspended lathed ceiling. In their turn, the walls represent acoustic panels made of compacted wood chips. In some office zones the soundproofing solutions are augmented with special curtains. Small meeting rooms designed on the order of little houses with sloping roofs look stylish and unusual. The “house” walls represent partitions with double glazing set in wooden frames. Stylistically these little homes chime with timber little huts for sleep also integrated into the interior. The Scandinavian style in the office is backed with Danish Louispoulsen lamps, Finnish Muuto lamps, Swedish Hood lamps, etc. “The lighting control system is implemented in workstations. By entering specialized software from their computers or phones each employee can adjust the lighting of their
workplaces without using extra switches,” says Business Development Director of Gint-M Artem Panteleev, commenting on the project. Abstract paintings, plenty of textile items (rugs, cushions and panel pictures), laconic furniture from natural timber – the whole of it beautifully renders the atmosphere of Nordic hygge, making the office truly comfortable.