Avito Saint Petersburg

Complex of works:

Complete scope of detailed design and construction, fit-out and engineering works at office premises.

2400 m2
Type of work:
General contractor
St. Petersburg, Malookhtinsky Prospekt, 64, lit. V, Business complex "St. Petersburg Plaza", floors 2, 6 and 7
Start - 10.09.2019, End - 30.03.2020
Completed 100%

The Looks of New Avito Office in Saint Petersburg

The delivery of another office project for Avito has been completed in the northern capital. The 2,400-sqm office for one of the company’s departments is located in Saint Petersburg Plaza business centre on Malaya Okhta. The design was developed by ABD Architects, Gint-M operating as general contractor.

Avito has been using this office for several years already. Until recently only a small part of it was fitted out with due regard for the company’s needs, whereas a larger part of this office space existed in the interior with a basic fit-out offered by the landlord. In 2019 the company took the decision to renovate all office premises stepwise, adapting them to the company’s requirements and its specific operations. The key wishes of Avito’s team for the interior came down to ergonomic space, unique design in tune with the youthful spirit and working pace characteristic of the company as well as a sense of closeness to nature.

As a result, modern, comfortable and trendy space has emerged on three floors of the business centre that reflects the company’s general atmosphere – creative and informal. Each office zone here will definitely have some zest making the space charismatic and exciting in a very special way.    

The office concept was originally planned as some sort of woodland with a reference to a scout camp for line managers. Part of the office with workstations for administrative personnel was designed in the style of a suburban inn.


The Internet holding Avito hereby expresses its gratitude to the team of Gint-M for delivery of a repair-construction project for the company’s corporate office in the Northern capital, accommodated in Saint Petersburg Plaza business centre on Malaya Okhta. As a general contractor, Gint-M developed detailed engineering documentation and carried out a full range of general construction works, including the design of MEP systems, in the 2,400-sqm office.

Reviewed fully

A larger part of the interior was designed as open space. Natural tints of the walls and furniture in working zones are complemented with eye-catching images of the company’s corporate values like “Keep it simple”, “Put users’ needs first”, “In team we trust”, “Result starts with you” and others. Zones for quick/spontaneous talks where you may address urgent issues or counsel with your colleague are fashioned not far from the workstations of the company’s personnel in small bright spots or niches. Several meeting rooms with all essential equipment as well as kitchenettes are also present on each floor. “Green” islands, upholstered sofas with backrests and coffee points for informal communication and relaxation are scattered over the entire office space. The recreation motif is bolstered by means of special rooms for tabletop and computer games, a library and a tree-shaped rack.

The nature theme runs through the entire interior, with extraordinary plaster in imitation of the tree bark used to decorate the walls. The colour and texture of carpeting is reminiscent of green woodland with trodden paths. The wooden finish of ceilings in the hallway, artificial grass on the walls, a large number of boulder-like poufs dispersed over the office, space-zoning wooden battens, live plants in the interior – the whole of it is another reference to a suburban landscape and an excellent supplement to the nature theme. Artificial leafage made of fireproof paper was an exciting decorative solution. Like eye-catching tree crowns, this leafage creates an indelible first impression of a unique nature-bound interior.   

The kitchen decorated as a retro car of the train running over the Matterhorn – Gottard railway in the Swiss Alps deserves a special mention. The designer restored the entourage of a dining carriage in the train dating from the early 20th century in its totality: with passenger seats, luggage racks and big windows opening up gorgeous Alpine views. The kitchen is outfitted with all essential appliances needed for a corporate dining area as well as a vending machine with healthy snacks. At the kitchen island placed here you may always help yourself to fruit and confectionery meant for the company’s staff. “One of the kitchen walls imitates a rock grotto: the shape made of polymers was so artfully painted by artists that it reminds of a real mass of rock in the midst of natural landscape. On the outside the kitchen resembles a train car rushing as it were through the office,” says Business Development Director Artem Panteleev, commenting on the project.

Lamps of various types are used: square LED lamps in meeting rooms, wall lamps in the kitchen area and designer lamps in leisure and collaboration zones. They are instrumental in creating diverse space and comfortable atmosphere in the office. Acoustic wall and ceiling panels for the sake of a more comfortable sound environment are also heavily used in the interior.

“We highly appreciate the fact that the project authors and contractors heard all our wishes and put them all into life in the new space. The office is not only distinctive and comfortable; it is also functional thanks to competent zoning that allows all needs of the company to be met in the repaired part of the office. We greatly enjoyed working on the project – the result was inspirational and made us willing to plan new interior projects which have already been launched,” says A.V. Averina.


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