Avito. Customer Service Center

Complex of works:

Complete scope of construction, fit-out and engineering works at office premises.

344 m2
Type of work:
General contractor
St. Petersburg, Malookhtinsky Prospekt, 64, lit. V, Business complex "St. Petersburg Plaza"
Start - 10.12.2020, End - 19.03.2021
Completed 100%

Avito is the main online classifieds service in Russia. The company's staff is growing rapidly, respectively, expanding and improving offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg. This project is a renovation of a part of the office of the company's Customer Service Center - the most dynamically growing department of the company - located on three floors of the St. Petersburg Plaza business center.

Small in area, decorated in earthy tones, with a round seating area as the main interior element, the office turned out to be bright, light, private and inspiring thoughts about a vacation at sea.

This theme is supported not only by a delicate pastel palette, but also by the painting of various elements of the office, from the light ceiling to the design of the bathrooms. The artists also painted the walls and columns by hand, creating a smooth gradient.

Most of the office is open space with loose workspaces available for online booking. Also, the room provides for the manager's office and multi-format meeting rooms: for team meetings for 10 people, for 3 people and tête-à-tête, as well as several negotiation niches. Such an organization of space allows to implement all kinds of work scenarios in the office that meet the needs of the back office of the Customer Service Center.

It should be noted the light-coloured polymer resin baffle textured to look like a layered sandstone grotto. Inside, there are several open mini-meeting rooms, upholstered in acoustic felt.

The central location of the office can be called a round lounge area, part of which is hidden behind the meeting rooms. The furniture, arranged in a semicircle, divides the space into two parts thanks to the color scheme. The shade of the curtains seems to continue the pattern depicted on the ceiling, creating the impression of a dawn sky pouring onto the ground.

The areas intended for informal pastime in the office (kitchen and round lounge area) are equipped with a lighting dimming system that allows for softer and more comfortable light.