Complex of works:

Complete scope of detailed design and construction, fit-out and engineering works at office premises.

2200 m2
Type of work:
General contractor
Moscow, Varshavskoye shosse, 9, building 1B, BC "Danilovskaya Manufactory"
Align Technology
Start - 08.09.2021, End - 15.01.2022
Completed 100%

The Gint-M team has completed the implementation of another office project for Align Technology, one of the world leaders in innovative medical technologies. The company's office is located in the business park Danilovskaya Manufaktura, at Varshavskoe shosse, 9, building 1B. The Gint-M company, as the general contractor, performed the detailed design, dismantling, the entire complex of general construction, engineering, and commissioning works.

This is not Align Technology's first office at Danilovskaya Manufactory. The task was to update the office for the IT department - to create a modern space, in which, in addition to working areas, offices, there will be enough meeting areas, as well as a full-fledged recreation area.

The working space consists of three floors. On the first floor there is a reception area, working and negotiation areas, a coffee point with a seating area and a gym. An interesting feature of the reception are the lamps that are synchronized with time. The lamps are placed on the ceiling in the format of an electronic clock - four eights. Depending on what time it is, the corresponding lamps light up.
The professionalism of Gint-M deserves the highest praise. We are ready to note the high level of responsibility, organizational abilities of the head and manager of this project, professionalism, clarity, efficiency in performing tasks and an individual approach to the implementation of the project, thanks to which the company Align Technology.Inc has received a modern technological space corresponding to all work processes.
Reviewed fully

The second floor - work areas for line staff and managers, a meeting area and a coffee point. The style of the office is quite neutral - the background color of the space is light shades, but bright color spots are scattered around the office. For example, in meeting rooms integrated into open space, the walls and niches are painted light blue - corporate - color.

On the third floor, in addition to working areas, there are recreation areas with a real fireplace, where all employees can relax or chat informally.

“There is a lot of air and light in the office. This effect is achieved due to a good level of natural insolation, open high ceilings, with communications painted white, and also thanks to diverse lighting solutions that allow you to customize lighting for specific tasks,” says Artem Panteleev, commercial director of Gint-M, about the project. ".