Align Technologies 2018

Complex of works:

Complete scope of engineering systems detailed design and construction, fit-out and engineering works at office premises.

2 000 m2
Type of work:
General contractor
9 Varshavskoe shosse, bld.1, Moscow, Russia BC “Danilovskaya manufactura”
Start - 20.07.2018, End - 14.11.2018
Completed 100%

Align Technology: Daring Interior Fosters Mental Revolution

The international company Align Technology, known for its innovations in dentistry and orthodontia, is also famous in HR circles for strong corporate culture pivoted on the care for employees, their comfort and well-being. This general attitude is certainly reflected in the company’s corporate interiors where all features are thought out to minutest detail. One can feel that it is this attitude that motivates the employees to give their best effort and achieve truly revolutionary results.

In the new interior designed by Offcon architects and brought to fruition by Gint-M everything is provided for productive labor and effective relaxation. There is open space with personal desks, several walled offices for employees in need of confidentiality, a multitude of meeting and call rooms with frosted glass, co-working and joint work areas. Workers can respire and relax in a corporate kitchen, coffee point or even a spa zone where the company set up several sleep boxes, a manicure room, etc.


Align Technology thanks building contractor Gint-M for delivery of the second phase of our corporate office quartered in the loft cluster Danilovskaya Manufactory. Gint-M provided its services of general contractor, having completed a full range of detailed design, construction, fit-out and MEP installation works at Align Technology’s premises.

Reviewed fully

Diverse functional spaces enable both communication with colleagues and private work, formal negotiations and informal talks at a cup of tea, whereas stylish design and top quality of office solutions showcase a high level of corporate culture.

“The project is replete with many exciting solutions: radial private offices in the midst of open space, personal work lighting with an option to control the lighting intensity via Bluetooth, ventilation in meeting zones that makes staying in this space incredibly comfortable,” says Business Development Director of Gint-M Artem Panteleev, commenting on the project. “The loft stylistic features already traditional for Align Technology are certainly worth mentioning. It was decided to complement the brickwork and open ceilings with ‘industrial strokes’ — concrete surfaces, metal decorative elements, etc.” Align Technology held its own in the new office: getting here, a person sees how office space is capable of unlocking human potential. Isn’t this the interior’s main task: inspiring its users to new breakthroughs?