Important victories

Two office projects, with Gint-M taking the most active part in their delivery, were named winners of Best Office Awards 2019. The AvitoTech office was awarded the main prize in the Agile Office category, whereas the Digital Leadership Centre SAP was proclaimed the winner of the Business Space in Public Interior category. This year 161 (!) projects have claimed this award, but only 16 of these became winners. The evening awarding ceremony marked the climax in the eventful programme of Business& Design Dialogue 2019 forum.

A few more words about another victory within the framework of this event… the Office Pleasures concept from UNK Project Architects, implemented by Gint-M, won a special prize from the Officenext editorial staff, as part of Business & Design Dialogue 2019. At the installation booth of UNK Project the forum guests could see and experience the office pleasures.