New Avito Office




Gint-M has completed the construction and fit-out of the second phase of the new Avito office quartered in BC White Gardens.

The company has been leasing office space in White Gardens since 2013 and in 2015 the workspace optimization decision was made. They also took care in advance of office space expansion.

“The project designers, ABD Architects, were tasked with creating functional premises where comfortable working areas would blend harmoniously with chill-out zones. This was one of the most important criteria in design development,” informs the Avito press service.

Gint-M performed a full range of detailed design, construction, installation and engineering works.

Typical of the project delivered are salient architectural solutions and effective layouts. The working areas are delimited by sloping glass partitions. Suspended tables optimize the office space utilization, while the ceilings with utility lines laid bare visually expand the space. High-quality finishing materials, including noise-attenuating acoustic panels, are used in the project. The design and functionality of the office space create an atmosphere that has a salubrious effect upon the efficiency of every employee.

 “The recently fit-out office space includes new working areas, a multipurpose conference hall, large cafeteria for the staff, numerous meeting rooms and a gym. A lot of unique office solutions are implemented. This is a very special and singular office,” notes Artem Panteleev, Commercial Director at Gint-M.

Project description