Great Ship Asks Big Waters: Avito Office Named Best!

Avito office gained a victory in the “Comfort & Ergonomics” nomination, as part of the prestigious Best Office Awards 2017, rating corporate and public interiors in the territory of Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe.

The project author is ABD architects, General Contractor being Gint-M.

This is the so-called activity-based office design with salient architectural solutions and effective layouts. ABD architects proposed the yachting theme is the dominant feature in the interior. As a result, the office reminds of absorbing voyages and adventures.

Here we have a round bench – a lifeline for brainstorming, the submarine’s “lower hold” and “deck house” for all kind of talks. Also represented in the interior is a “boatswain back” meeting room with the walls colored like a suntanned skin painted with marine tattoos. The glass partitions are matted with a sunshield used for yacht’s side scuttles. There are several sleeping capsules in the working area, called “torpedo launchers” in keeping with the nautical spirit; the entry to each of the capsules has a characteristic round shape.

“The new office space includes working areas, a multipurpose conference hall, a large cafeteria for employees, a multitude of meeting rooms and a gym. Many unique office interior solutions are implemented here as well. High-quality finishing materials, including noise absorbing acoustical panels, make this project special and distinct from all others,” notes Artyom Panteleev, Business Development Director at Gint-M. 

For more details about the Awards and winners see the project’s official site: OfficeNext