New office for МcKinsey & Company

13 April 2018

Office for Leaders

Gint-M was general contractor of the office project for МcKinsey & Company in BC White Square, having completed a wide range of design, construction, fit-out and MEP installation works in the three-story space. The project was authored by an amalgam team of McKinsey architects and experts.

In the new solution we tried to reflect the company’s main value: outstanding and talented people obsessed with work. The specialists of Gint-M working hand in glove with their clients were confronted with a daunting challenge: to create an office maximally reflecting the company’s ingenuity, the scale of its projects, its leadership positions in the global market of advisory services. The result is an ambitious, modern and very comfortable space with plenty of daylight as well as remarkable architectural solutions and design for teamwork and individual efforts, which nobody wants to leave. This is a space for enthusiasts, which is now bereft of numerous problems crippling the previous office. It was difficult to find one’s bearings in the old office which did not have enough daylight in many quarters. The new interior is also called to address the problem of non-functional use of office space, caused by ill-advised plans with dead ends and long corridors.

Genii and the place

Proceeding with development of their architectural and spatial solution, the design team took a painstaking effort to study the company’s operations, the specifics of interaction between its various departments, services and specialists, along with assessing the requirements of each employee for its workplace. The architects and designers were inspired to launch their large-scale endeavor for creating a new house for МcKinsey & Company in Russia by three Russian genii whose personalities shine through the project’s style: composer Dmitri Shostakovich, film director Andrei Tarkovsky and poetess Anna Akhmatova.

The music of Shostakovich can be heard quite distinctly in the new interior: the alteration of dark and light office zones is reminiscent of the symphony’s movements. The office is divided into different functional zones matching the company’s structure. The third and fourth floor levels house diverse workspaces: open space zones for teamwork, meeting rooms, chill-out zones for informal talks, the offices of partners and flex zones with desks. The fifth floor level is meant for clients and split into meeting rooms, a lecture hall with a library and a spacious cafeteria.

The ideas of Andrei Tarkovski about the role of color in visual solutions can be discerned in the concise use of chromatic accents: these are both green oases scattered over the entire office and the expressly accurate use of color in the open space zone.

Refined and terse stanzas of Anna Akhmatova materialize in the transparent albeit deceitful plainness of architectural solutions with nothing superfluous. “The new interior is maximally translucent and weightless: all corners were “opened”, all solid partitions removed. The interior highlights freedom and lack of hierarchy in the structure of McKinsey’s business. Transparent partitions let daylight into all working areas,” says Artem Panteleev, Business Development Director of Gint-M, commenting on the project.


The new office of McKinsey & Company is a modern, multipurpose and multilevel space that can be adapted to changing objectives. Thus, without resorting to alterations or redecoration, the company can bolster the staffing by 30%. The number of offices with natural lighting has increased by 60%. The project harnesses a multitude of modern technologies in the engineering solutions. For instance, the “Smart Home” system controls the indoor climate and lighting in all office premises from a single panel. The rooftop head-end station automatically controls the shutters depending on the weather, letting in or shutting off daylight.