MIPIM 2017: in the Same Boat: on the Moscow Government’s Stand

The world’s leading property show MIPIM annually organized on the Coast of Azure in Cannes has not been perceived by Russian participants as an international event for several years already. Even though it is held abroad and presents the investment potential of 90 plus nations, Russian delegates bring their contacts with foreign partners to minimum. On the other hand, the Russian real estate market is represented in Cannes in all its diversity and it’s much easier here to meet with representatives of the Moscow government and other cities as well as with top managers of Russian real estate companies at a glass of wine, than in fussy Moscow. Mikhail Borisov, Managing Partner at Gint-M, shares his impressions of the trip after coming back from his next event.

 “The key meeting place for all Russian delegates this year was obviously the stand of the Moscow government where main business events took place. Top managers of the real estate market came here several times a day to meet with each other and not to miss out on high-ranked Moscow officials who are difficult to meet in Moscow. Nevertheless, the Cannes sunlight rather successfully competed with the stand of the Moscow government: many compatriots tried to combine their business agenda and communication with the sea smell and seafood delicacies. After visiting numerous little restaurants strung along the narrow streets of Cannes and Croisette Embankment one could not but agree with the conclusion made by the Ministry of Construction that this year there were almost 20% more Russian delegates compared to last year.”

 Incidentally, the separately set Russian stands which could not capitalize on the traffic of the Moscow Government’s stand looked rather lonely and desolate. Nevertheless, I dare to surmise that informal communication made up for the lack of activities on the stands. From my point of view, this communication channel traditionally was very productive and hardly inferior to the “protocol meetings” in terms of effectiveness. Informal coffee breaks, lunches, dinners and club programme provided the main pleasures many sought on the Coast of Azure: the sense of unity, the awareness of sharing “one boat” that keeps floating, even if slow! And surely the sunlit Cannes always blesses visitors with a short respite, the possibility to get more personally and informally acquainted with their partners and clients, and to hear the latest news colorfully interpreted by their industry colleagues”.