9 October 2016


Gint-M construction company completed the construction and fit-out of the AbbVie office. The new office of the acclaimed leader of the pharmaceuticals market is quartered in BC White Gardens.

The office, occupying one of the floors in BC White Gardens, complies with the international standards of the global firm AbbVie, with open workspace, walled offices for management, innovation rooms and laboratories.

The key layout solutions are called to stimulate the teamwork effort. With this purpose in mind a lot of meeting points, premises for informal talks and closed zones for teamwork were created, apart from open office space.

One more feature of this project is the use of numerous multimedia devices. The meeting rooms of the new office are controlled using the intellectual “smart home” system.

The design is generally serene with bright color spots, incorporating the corporate identity elements. There are many glass partitions and doors in the interior, with semiautomatic transformable partitions set up. Solely high-quality building materials are used in the fit-out.

It took Gint-M four months to perform the full range of detailed design, construction, erection, engineering and feeble current works.

In the words of Gint-M representatives, it was not easy to comply with all international standards on a tight schedule, given that AbbVie has very stringent requirements for office space layout, including from labor protection perspectives. “We were tasked with doing a quality turnkey design and fit-out within the deadline and the approved budget,” says Alexander Lipakov, business development director, Associate of Gint-M. “This was an interesting and ambitious project with plenty of sophisticated multimedia and engineering equipment, the “smart home” system as well as the server room air conditioning system using precision air-conditioners, cooling towers and pumping equipment. The works were under control of a global design and engineering team. But eventually the Moscow office became the best among the AbbVie offices in Europe by all key criteria: times, quality and cost.”